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Suppliers - Fees

This tab allows the entry of service fees and ullage fees for a supplier. These fees are included in costs of products.

Figure: Example Suppliers Screen

Charge Type

Either Service Fee or Ullage.


The location for which these fees apply.

Location Name

The name of the location.


Items within this specified department/category/group use this charge. None of these fields have to be entered. All items which match the entered details are considered. For example, if the department is entered, ALL items within the department are examined. The system always uses for the most specific case. For example, if a service fee exists for Grocery department and a different fee exists for the Baby Product category in the Grocery department, then a baby product would use the second fee as it is more specific. Note that these are the supplier's department, category and group, not yours.


Items within this classification use this charge. When a classification is entered, the full department, category and group must also be entered otherwise the fee is ignored.


A fee can be calculated as a dollar rate per carton or as a percentage of cost. This is the actual value which is used in conjunction with Rate Type below to calculate the fee.

Rate Type

The method used to calculate the fees. It can be ‘% of Cost’ or ‘$/Carton’.


The currency that this supplier fee will be charged in. This will default to the supplier's currency code.

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