Surveys allow you to collect information about the customer. You can ask questions like 'Postcode', 'Favourite Flavour', and so on. For each survey, you can ask up to five questions. Each question can accept an answer as free-format text, combo-box or checkbox.

You define a survey and its valid questions using the Survey function.

Once you have set up a survey, you attach it to a till profile by entering the survey code in the Survey Code option on the Profile - Settings 1 tab in Till. Each time the Payment button is pressed at POS, the survey questions will be displayed to the operator. The questions must be filled in before the payment can be entered.

You can temporarily turn surveys on or off at a POS. To do this you have to add a SURVEYMODE button to the SUPERVISOR state on the keyboard using the POS Keyboard function. A supervisor can then select this option to turn off the survey questions. If the option is selected again, the survey questions will be turned on. If POS is stopped, the setting is not kept so survey questions will automatically be turned on when POS is started. Access to the SURVEYMODE button can be controlled with the Survey Mode security option in Till.

The system itself doesn't not contain any reports to show survey results. Data is usually extracted from the system's SURVEYANSWER data table into third party systems.

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