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System Settings - B2B

This tab allows you to edit the options that control the B2B functions that is the sending and receiving of purchase orders and transfer requests.

Figure: Example System Settings Screen


Server Polling Frequency

B2BServer is constantly checking to see if there are B2B files that need to be sent or if we have incoming messages from suppliers. This setting controls how often the B2B server does these checks.

Maximum time-out

Maximum polling time in minutes. Minimum of 5 minutes.


The number of times a failing record should be processed before being marked as bad.

Message Handling

Processed Message Handling

This option determines what we do when we have processed a message (either outgoing or incoming). Do we need to tell the user or do we do nothing?

If you check on the option to send an email, you should also fill in the email address. This address will be used just in case the system cannot determine where the message should be sent to.


Send requests processed without error

Check this option on if you want to send an email to the user to tell them the system has sent their B2B transaction successfully.

Send requests with errors

Check this option on if you want to send an email to the user to tell them that the system tried to process their B2B transaction but there was some type of error.

Received messages processes without errors

Check this option on if you want to send an email to the user to tell them the system received a message and was able to successfully process it.

Received messages with errors

Check this option on if you want to send an email to the user to tell them that the system received a message but had errors processing it.

Other general errors

Check this option on if you want to send an email to the user for any other error that might occur.


B2B Files

This is the directory that B2B Server will poll when it is looking for incoming messages. If it looks for messages via email, the email attachments will be saved into this directory for B2B Server to poll. Outgoing messages will be placed in a subdirectory in this directory. (The subdirectories are automatically determined by the system.) Since B2B Service is a Windows service, you need to ensure that it has the ability to read and write to this directory and to be able to create the required subdirectories.

Save Bad B2B Files

If an error occurs processing an incoming file, B2B Server will move that file to this directory. This allows the message to be checked to determine the cause of the problem.

Web Ordering

Web Ordering section to configure defaults for Web Order XML file input.


The location web orders will be recorded against.

Till ID

The Till ID web orders will be recorded against.


The username (Till Operator) web orders will be recorded against.

Tender Code

The Tender code to use for web orders. All web orders will be shown paid off to the tender type entered here.

Tax Code

If checked on the POS will calculate the tax code and rate and ignores the value supplied in the external Web Order file. If unchecked it uses whatever is supplied in the POSLog XML.

Expedited Alerts

These settings are used with regard to expediting email pdf requests to suppliers. The options set up a second thread in the B2B service which can be run on a different, faster poll interval (faster than the general B2B poll interval set in the top left corner).

Expedite Supplier Alerts

Check this option on if you want to send email pdf requests to suppliers on the second thread rather than the main B2B thread.


The number of seconds to wait between checking for alert requests.

Sender Address

Email address the alert emails are sent from. If this is left empty, the ‘Default Sender Address’ specified in Email/Comms settings is used.

Copy emails to

Optional email address where all alert requests are sent in addition to the standard Supplier email address.

Note: 'Sender Address' and ‘Copy emails to' can accept one email address each.

FTP Extract


Time-out value.


Used to support the interface to Londis. The user-defined field is where the store sets the value to identify each store to Londis (so it maps the BE store to a Londis retailer code).

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