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System Settings - Client Specific

Figure: Example System Settings Screen


Banking Location

This represents the Location that encompasses all other locations within an outlet, consolidating their transactions for Banking purposes.

Stena Reports Directory

A directory where Customs reports will be placed after creation.

Create Goods Receipt Invoice File on Accept

If checked will create an Invoice file when the GR is accepted.

PO Offset Number

Offset field for Purchase Order number.

Minimum Special Instructions Length

Specifies the minimum length of special instructions. Only numbers need to be entered. The default is zero meaning the special instructions length is not restricted.

Maximum Special Instructions Length

Specifies the maximum length of special instructions. Only numbers need to be entered. The default is zero meaning the special instructions length is not restricted.

CFS Agreements

CFS is a UK finance company.


Reason code indicates a CFS payment when doing an External Payment transaction.

Data Export Directory

This is the directory to which any CFS data is exported.

Stocktake by Value

Goods Receipt Item

The IPN of the item used to record the goods receipt value.

Staff Adjust Reason

The stock adjustment used for staff.

Sandwich Adjust Reason

The stock adjustment to use for sandwiches.



This specifies where the DLL used for Genting Loyalty can be found.


The NCR settings define the directory locations for the POS Data Creation process (licence required) for the NCR POS called NCROUTPUT.EXE. The process sends a full refresh of all items, keyboards and promotions each time a file is created. It will also include delete lines where items and promotions no longer are in use. It is only run as part of a scheduled task.

Enable NCR POS functionality

Specifies that the POS module is NCR.

Default Keyboard State Button Colour

This is the default button colour for any new buttons that are added to the keyboard.

Configuration INI file

Location of DebenhamsFS.ini file.

Output File Location

Where the data file is stored until the transfer application picks it up.

Transferred File Location

Where copies of the data files that have been created are saved.

Transferred File History

Defines the number of day’s history of transferred files to be retained.

GENTRAN Configuration

These settings are part of the EDI interface.

Supplier Code

If checked then any order of which the supplier code exceeds 6 characters will be ignored.

Always print Currency Code on GR

If checked on, the currency code will always be printed on the Goods Receipt even if the currency is the same as the location.

Truncate Supplier Code in PO/GR

If checked on the supplier code is shortened.

Print GR in Supplier Currency

If checked on the Goods Receipt report prints the values in the supplier’s currency.

Note: The setting here should match the setting for the 'GR in the supplier’s currency' check box in the Inventory tab in System Settings to ensure the same values/ same currency are displayed/printed.

Allow Extra Item Cost

If checked, new fields are added in the Item Replenishment tab to input extra item costs. Calculation is:

Ex-tax Cost = original ex-tax cost + extra cost 1+ extra cost 2+ extra cost 3+ extra cost 4+extra cost 5+extra cost 6+extra cost 7+ extra cost 8.

ASCII Interface File Directory

Directory where the ASCII interface files will be located and where the interface files will be extracted to.

EDI Batch File

The directory and filename of the B2B EDI batch file to process.

CODA Export

Export Data to CODA

Check box to indicate if data is exported to the CODA interface.

Company Code

User defined field in Locations for Company Code value.

Number of retries for no transactions

Used to specify a retry count when no transactions have been logged at a location.

Number of retries for incomplete transactions

Used to specify a retry count when unprocessed or rejected transactions have been logged at a location.

Scoop Rates

Scoop Size

Size of scoop to use when calculating rate in yield report.

Bulk Stock Size

Bulk stock size to use when calculating scoop rate in yield report.

Target Scoop Rate

Target scoop rate.

Gift Card Top-Up

Gift Card Top-Up panel to link custom reason codes for No Comms, Inactive gift card, Invalid gift card, Other error and Gift card Top Up failure retry attempts when using Barclaycard gift cards.

Gift card top up failure retry attempts

Input the Gift Card Top Up failure retry attempts such as 3.

Reason Codes

Four reason codes with Adjustment type set to Gift Card Top-up Failure: No Comm, Invalid gift card, Inactive gift card, Other error.


Account Period

Account period.

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