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System Settings - Client Specific 2

Import Items from XML File

This tab holds the details regarding the interface for Londis. ImportService has been written that requires Dynamic.ini to have a valid database connection setting set up and MCS to be running. This service is intended for use specifically with Londis item imports and uses the system settings below.

Figure: Example System Settings Screen

Londis Import

Time-out (hours) between checks

Indicates the time-out in hours between checking for import files to process.

BE supplier code for Londis

Supplier code in BE for Londis.

Ignore promotional prices

If checked promotional prices are ignored.

Retail price location group

Location group to use for retail-only prices.

Default days ahead for COST effective FROM date

Specify a default number of days ahead to use for the cost/sell price effective from date. For example, if the store typically imports the product file on a Thursday afternoon and wants the cost records to become effective from the following Monday, but the new sell prices to apply immediately then they would set the options for default days ahead to cost = 4 and sell = 0.

Default days ahead for SELL effective FROM date

Default days ahead for SELL effective TO date

Specify a default number of days ahead to use for the sell price effective To date.

Rounding applied to imported item prices

Drop-down list of rounding options of:


0.5 or higher is rounded up; 0.499999 or lower is rounded down.

Round Up

Values are rounded up to the nearest 1p.

Round Down

values are rounded down to the nearest 1p.

Ignore description changes

If checked, ignores description changes and keeps the default information for existing items.

Ignore recommended retail price changes

If checked, ignores RRP changes and keeps the default information for existing items. The values for retail prices shown for updated items are the current sell price in BE not the new retail price from the imported file.


Hierarchy the item belongs to. The default is that used for new items added to the database.

E5 Export

Supports the E5 finance system interface.

Record Item Department Change

This needs to be ticked on to record when an Item Department code is changed.

Value Output Format

The Value Output Format is the number of decimal places the export uses. By default it is set to 0.00.

User Codes

Supports validation of user codes to prevent the wrong user code being assigned to new users.

Note: If using this feature it is your responsibility to update any existing users that don’t break the new constraints

Min/Max User Code Length

Specifies the min/max number of characters allowed.

User Code Type

Restricts the user code to only contain letters or numbers or both. Default option is alpha-numeric.

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