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System Settings - Directories

This tab allows you to specify the various directories where the system can find its files. These directories need to be generic so that they can be referenced from the server or from a client. It may not be appropriate to use c:\mydirectory. \\mycomputer\mydirectory may be a better option.

Figure: Example System Settings Screen


The directory where back up files will be placed. Backups are generally performed for head office type processes like B2B Server, host updates, and so on.

Executable Files

The directory where the executable files are found. This one is especially important to have as generic rather than specific because the same setting will be used on POS, back office and server.


The directory where new versions of programs will be placed on the server. Clients will then ask the server to check for new files for them. The server will check this directory and download as required.

POS Updates

Similar to Updates but is used specifically by POS programs (DynaPOS and MerchantPOS). This allows POS upgrades to be done separately from back office upgrades.

Media Updates

Similar to Updates but is used specifically to store media files (bmp, jpg, avi, and so on) which need to be sent to POS.

Config Updates

The directory where the various configuration files (language files, INI files and bmps) are located prior to sending to the clients when updating.

Media Content

The directory where the server can find media files (bmp, jpg, avi, and so on). If a client program asks for a media clip, the server will check this directory. For pictures on labels this setting must be consistent on the machine where you create the labels and the machine where you print them. So if you want a label with a picture ITEM1.BMP and the media content folder is c:\drsapps\bmps then when you create the label it will look for c:\drsapps\bmps\ITEM1.BMP and when you print the label it will look for c:\drsapps\bmps\ITEM1.BMP.

Report Images

The directory where the server will store the report images for generated reports.

Help Files

Directory where the help files are located - can be a http address. Leave blank for default help files (http://www.torexconnect.com/help).

POS Information

The POS has an Info button. When pressed it will show an information page to the user. The address of this page is stored here, for example http:// mysite/ info.html.

The address can have keywords in it which can be translated. These can be used to pass specific details to the web address and personalise the information shown to the user. for example http:// mysite/ info.dll? usercode=<OPNUMBER>& location=<LOCATIONCODE> would allow the web page to display information for the current logged in operator.

The available keywords are as follows:


The name of the computer that the POS is running on.


The code of the location to which the POS belongs.


The name of the location to which the POS belongs.


The name of the current operator.


The user number of the current operator.


The code of the POS.


The number of the POS.

POS Data

When POS downloads its data, the data will be held in a temporary directory on the server.

Alert XML/Images

The directory where XML files and images from alerts should be placed. See Alerts.

Web Pages

The directory where webpages are stored.

Web Address

The address of the BE website.

Accounts Interface Export

The directory where the Accounts Interface will write the account transaction files.

Gift Certification Redemption Import

The directory where gift certificate import files are placed to be processed by the Import Gift Certificate Redemptions function.

TVLA Export

The directory to where files will be exported by the TVLA Export function.

Torex HHT Import Directory

As part of the BE HHT Picco interface changes it was requested that the user have the ability to be able to define the HHT import directory and the HHT export file rather than using the hardcoded defaults (c:\drsapps\HHT & c:\drsapps\HHTItems.csv respectively).

Torex HHT Output File

The directory to which the HHT will write output files.

EOD Transaction Extract

The directory to which the transaction extract reports (REPORTEOD EODSALESEXPORT) will write output files.

Fiscal Data

The directory entered here will be used when storing the fiscal data files.

CODA Export

CODA export is a drip feed / service based on certain actions in the PO/GR to export data to the CODA Interface. To support exporting data in XML format to the CODA interface this is the directory to which the CODA export will write output files. The initial version of the export is for purchase order and goods receipt details only.

Londis Import Files

This sets the folder where the XML files are placed when a zip file has been retrieved and parsed. Other settings for the Londis interface are configured in System Settings Client Specific 2 tab.

POS A4 Receipts

Enter the path where the PDF format of A4 receipts are saved as part of the holding of receipt information for Taiwan.

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