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System Settings - Image Version Files

The settings on this tab allow you to specify three different image version filenames to be interrogated at POS to determine the POS Build Image version.

Figure: Example System Settings Screen

If nothing is specified in these system settings, no checking of image version files will be done.

POS has been amended on startup to check for the existence of the specified Image version files, and write the contents to the new table IMAGEVERSIONS. If files specified in the system settings do not exist, a record will be written to the table saying that is could not find the files.

Writes a file to the dynapos\statistics\XXXXX\sales directory which is then processed by the update thread (so any errors do not interfere with the working of the POS). These files are sent to the backup directory (as per transaction files) when processed and rolled off the POS in the same manner.

Image Version File 1-3

File path.

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