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The accounts interface usually pulls data directly from the relevant tables. However, sometime there is a need for special transactions to be tracked and sent to the general ledger via the interface. This table will record these special transactions.

Column Type Description
CTRCODE BIGINT A unique number assigned by the system to identify the record.
INTTYPE INT The type of transaction.
0   Adjustment due to average cost value lost when stock going from negative to positive.
1   Adjustment due to invoice cost differences.
STRTRADECODE VARCHAR(10) The location for which the transactions was made.
DTMWHEN DATETIME The date when the transaction was written.
LINTITEMNUMBER INT The item number, if any, to which this transaction was related.
STRSOURCE VARCHAR(5) The source of the transaction, for example PO=Purchase Order, POS=Point Of Sale, and so on.
LINTREFERENCE BIGINT The primary key of the source record. If STRSOURCE=PO, this would be the purchase order number.
CURVALUE DECIMAL(19,4) The value of the transaction.

Primary Key: CTRCODE

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