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Buyer codes are used to control what items a user can see and also the value of purchase orders those users can place. BUYERHDR contains the header record for a set of rules, BUYERDTL provides the order limits for a buying code while ITEMBUYER provides a link that says which buyers can see which items.

Column Type Description
STRCODE VARCHAR(10) The buyer code to which this rule belongs.

link.gif (858 bytes) BUYERHDR.strCode

STRGUID VARCHAR(38) Unique code assigned by the system.
STRSUPPLIERCODE VARCHAR(10) The supplier to which this rule will apply. If left empty will apply to any supplier.


STRTRADECODE VARCHAR(10) The location to which this rule will apply.


CURMINPOLIMIT DECIMAL(19,4) The minimum value of a single purchase order that can be placed.
CURMAXPOLIMIT DECIMAL(19,4) The maximum value of a single purchase order that can placed.
CURMAXDAILYLIMIT DECIMAL(19,4) The maximum daily limit for all purchase orders for this buyer/locations/supplier.


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