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This is part of the multi-language functionality. Unlike ITEMLANGUAGE, REASONLANGUAGE, etc which are used to translate specific types of data, this is a catch-all type table. You simply record a word you want to translate and supply the translated text.

The records are not created automatically. You only enter the translations you want. There is no need to enter a record for the primary language because you already have that as the original text.

This is currently used for modifier text descriptions used at POS but may extend to other uses in the future.

Column Type Description
STRGUID VARCHAR(36) Unique code to identify the record.
STRORIGTEXT VARCHAR(50) The original text to be converted.
STRLANGUAGECODE VARCHAR(10) The code of the language to which the original text will be translated.
STRNEWTEXT VARCHAR(50) The translated text.

Primary Key: STRGUID

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