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All transactions generated at POS are written to INCOMINGTRANS. TillIncoming.exe will then examine these records. See Sales From POS To Database.

Column Type Description
INTQUEUENUM INT A number indicating which queue should process this record. This is determined from TRADUNIT.intQueueNum. It allows multi-threaded processing of data and/or multiple instances of TillIncoming to process the data.
INTSTATUS INT When a new record is written this will be 0. When the record has been processed it will be assigned a number by the system.

IntStatus 5 - Populating. Records are set to 5 until all records for the transaction has been inserted, then they are set to 0. This prevents only some of the transaction being processed.

Intstatus 100 - all bad sales which have been marked as corrupt by the system.

INTTRANSCODE BIGINT A number assigned by the system. Generally a POS transaction will result in several INCOMINGTRANS records. All the records from the same POS transaction will have the same INTTRANSCODE.
INTLINENUM INT The line number within the POS transaction. The first record of each transaction is 0, the next line 1, and so on.
STRMESSAGE VARCHAR(2000) The actual content of the line from the POS transaction.
STRCLIENTGUID VARCHAR(38) The unique number that was originally assigned to the POS transaction. This is recorded to ensure we don't sent the same transaction twice.
DTMCREATED DATETIME The date the record was written.
DTMTRANSSENT DATETIME The date/time the record was written.
STRTRADECODE VARCHAR(10) The location where the POS resides.
STRTILLCODE VARCHAR(10) The POS which made this transaction.


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