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This is the item record for Extra Invoice Cost transactions. The headers for the transactions are stored in INVEXTRAHDR.

Extra Invoice Cost transactions record extra costs such as freight or customs duty. It is matched to a previous invoice. This allows us to distribute the costs over the items and update their average cost.

When the Extra Invoice Cost transaction is matched to an existing invoice, the items from the INVOICEDETAIL table are copied to this table. We then have the items available to distribute the extra costs over.

Column Type Description
LINTINVOICENUMBER INT The unique code of the Extra Cost Invoice transaction.
CTRCODE INT Unique number assigned by the system.
LINTITEMNUMBER INT The number of the item. Copied from INVOICDETAIL.
STRORDERCODE VARCHAR(20) The order code of the item. Copied from INVOICDETAIL.
STRDESCRIPTION VARCHAR(100) The description of the item. Copied from INVOICDETAIL.
DBLQTYINVOICED DECIMAL(19,4) The units invoiced. Copied from INVOICDETAIL.
DBLCARTONSINVOICED DECIMAL(19,4) The cartons invoiced. Copied from INVOICDETAIL. This is basis for distributing by $/Carton.
DBLQTYRECEIVED DECIMAL(19,4) The units received. Copied from INVOICDETAIL.
DBLCARTONSRECEIVED DECIMAL(19,4) The cartons received. Copied from INVOICDETAIL.
DBLTOTALWEIGHT DECIMAL(19,6) The total weight of the item. Calculated from DBLQTYINVOICED as the item is copied from INVOICEDETAIL. We use this as a basis for distributing by $/KG.
CURORIGVALUEEXTAX DECIMAL(19,4) The original ex tax cost of the item. Copied from INVOICEDETAIL. We use this as a basis for distributing by $ of cost.
CURVALUE DECIMAL(19,4) The actual amount of extra invoice cost assigned to this item.


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