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This table contains special dates that can effect when an item can be used for specific tasks. An item can contain many special dates, one for each location/date type. The Set Store Costs/Sells process will select the dates for a specific location and update the corresponding fields in STORERNG. The POS and inventory programs will use these STORERNG values rather than try to calculate the appropriate values from ITEMSPECIALDATES. This is to improve the overall performance of the system.

Column Type Description
STRGUID VARCHAR(38) A unique code assigned by the system.
LINTITEMNUMBER INT The item to which this special date applies.


STRTRADECODE VARCHAR(10) The location to which this special date applies.
INTDATETYPE INT The type of task to which this date applies.
1   Cannot return/exchange at POS after the date
2   Cannot return to supplier after this date
3   Cannot transfer after this date
4   Cannot sell at POS before this date
5   Cannot sell at POS after this date
6   Cannot adjust stock before this date
DTMDATE DATETIME The actual special date.

Primary Key: STRGUID

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