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A kit item is an item that is made up of other items (like a recipe) but the stock is kept on the main item, not the ingredients, for example a pack might contain three shirts and two pants. A kit can be created (remove stock from ingredients and make up stock on the kit item) or broken up (remove stock from kit and put back into ingredients). You create kit transactions to create or break kit items. The KITHDR contains details about the kit transaction and KITDTL contains the items in the transaction.

Column Type Description
LINTCODE INT A unique code assigned by the system.
STRTRADECODE VARCHAR(10) The location where the stock will be adjusted.


STRTYPE VARCHAR(1) Indicates whether the kit is being created (C) or broken (X).
STRWHO VARCHAR(20) The user who created the transaction.
DTMWHEN DATETIME The date the transaction was created.
INTCHANGEFLAG INT A number used to track changes to the record
INTNEWFLAG INT A number used to track when a new record is created.
MEMCOMMENT TEXT A full description of the kit transaction.
STRSTATUS VARCHAR(10) Status of the transaction: New / Printed/ Accepted
DTMSTATUS DATETIME The date the status last changed.
STRAUTHORISEDBY VARCHAR(20) The user who authorised the acceptance of the transaction.

Primary Key: LINTCODE

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