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Contains a record for each object (text, picture or data) on a label.

Column Type Description
STRLABELCODE VARCHAR(10) The label code this detail belongs to.
LINTCREATIONORDER INT Order in which the object is to be created when we display the label. This ensures the correct overlapping of objects
STRTYPE VARCHAR(5) Indicates if the object can be a text field or an image. Field/Image
STRDESCRIPTION VARCHAR(50) If strType=‘Field’, this text will be printed on the label. If strType=‘Image’, this is the name of the BMP file to be printed (excluding path).
STRDATAFIELD VARCHAR(50) Only required if a piece of data from the database is to be printed, for example sell price. This is the name of the actual data to be printed. strType must be ‘Field’.
STRFONTNAME VARCHAR(30) The font the text will be printed in.
YSNFONTBOLD VARCHAR(1) ‘T’ if font is in bold.
YSNFONTITALIC VARCHAR(1) ‘T’ if font is in italic.
YSNFONTUNDERLINE VARCHAR(1) ‘T’ if font is underlined.
LINTFONTCOLOUR INT The colour of the font.
LINTLINES INT The number of lines to be printed. Only required when data may be too long for a single line, for example comments.
LINTCOLUMNS INT If lintLines is set, this field should also be set to indicate how many characters wide the comment-type field
LINTTOP INT The position of the top edge of the object relative to the top, left corner of the label.
LINTLEFT INT The position of the left edge of the object relative to the top, left corner of the label.
LINTHEIGHT INT The height of the object.
LINTWIDTH INT The width of the object.
LINTCOLOUR INT The background colour of the object.
YSNTRANSPARENT VARCHAR(1) ‘T’ if the object is transparent. The actual text is not transparent but the background is. This allows objects underneath to be seen.
LINTJUSTIFICATION INT The justification of the text within the object. 0=Left, 1=Right, 2=Centre.
YSNSTRETCH VARCHAR(1) If 'T', an image can be stretched to fit the width and height of this object.
INTIMAGETYPE INT Indicates where the image will come from. A value of 1 means that the image comes from a file specified in strDescription.
Alternatively, an item can have five picture clips associated with it. A value of 2-6 corresponds to tickets 1-5.
DBLDOLLARCENTRATIO DECIMAL(19,4) If this object is printing a dollar value, then this value will be the ratio between the height of the dollar and cents values. A ratio of 100 will print the dollar and cents the same height. A value of 50 would print the cents at half the height
YSNSCALEFONT VARCHAR(1) If 'T' then the font will be scaled to fit the height and width of the object.
DBLFACTOR DECIMAL(19,4) A multiplier for sell prices. This can be used to print discount values on tickets. For example, if you wanted to print the sell price with a 10% discount, this value would be 0.9. The default value is 1.


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