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This is part of the multi-language functionality. It records which languages are applicable for a location. For example, you may have English, German, French defined in LANGUAGEAVAIL but a location only requires English and German.

When a new location or language is added, the system will automatically add a record for each available location/language to this table. This is done in code, not in database triggers.

Column Type Description
STRTRADECODE VARCHAR(10) The code of the location.
STRLANGUAGECODE VARCHAR(10) The code of a language.
YSNINUSE VARCHAR(1) 'T' indicates that the language is in use at the location.
YSNPRIMARY VARCHAR(1) 'T' indicates this is the primary language for the location. This is different from the YSNPRIMARY in LANGUAGEAVAIL. That flag indicates the language is the primary language system wide. This flag indicates that it is the primary language within the location.

So you might have English as the primary language in the System but at a specific location you use German as the primary language.



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