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Contains the rates charged for different sorts of packaging. Links to PACKAGINGHDR

Column Type Description
STRCODE VARCHAR(10) Code of the package to which this rate belongs.
STRGUID VARCHAR(38) A unique code assigned by the system for the record.
STRTRADECODE VARCHAR(10) The location to which this rule belongs. Its not intended that you would have some codes at one location then some more at a higher level and the system works out the correct location to use. Its intended that the locations would be for different areas at the same level. So all rules defined for AREA1. Then rules defined for AREA2. A store would only ever use rules for one location. These are locations that can be used in the cost hierarchy.
DTMSTART DATETIME The date the rate becomes effective, if any. The system reads the rules backwards from newest to oldest, looking for the first one which is applicable.
DTMEND DATETIME The date the rate expires. Record can still be used on this date. It can't be used afterwards.
DBLRATE DECIMAL(19,4) The rate that will be charged. Its assumed to be kilos but its really just needs to be consistent with the amount of packaging recorded in ITEMPACKAGING.


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