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Contains the rating codes that can be assigned to an item to indicate how old someone must be to buy or sell the item. These are used in ITEMRATING.

Column Type Description
STRCODE VARCHAR(10) A unique code assigned by the user.
STRDESCRIPTION VARCHAR(50) A description about this rating.
DBLAGETOBUY DECIMAL(19,4) Not currently used.
DBLAGETOSELL DECIMAL(19,4) The age (in years) that the operator needs to be to sell the item. If the operator is not old enough, POS will ask for the log in code of an operator who is old enough.
STRUNDERAGESELLMESSAGE VARCHAR(250) Message to be asked of the buyer (basically 'Are you old enough to buy this item?'). This needs to be in the form of a Yes/No question where Yes allows the item to be added to the transaction and No rejects the item.

Primary Key: STRCODE

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