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These are the reasons given for a refund or till adjustment on DynaPOS and also reasons for various inventory transactions.

Column Type Description
INTCODE INT A unique number used to identify the record. Assigned by the user.
STRDESCRIPTION VARCHAR(50) A description about the reason.
INTTYPE INT The type of action for which this reason is being set up.
1   Refund
2   Skim
3   Float
4   Paid Out
5   Paid In
6   Cancel Sale
7   PO Return
8   Stock Revaluation



The tax code which represents the tax included in this refund reason, for example GST. If left empty then no tax is included. This is only used where intType = 1



Used only for return reasons. If 'T', stock will be decremented for the items being returned. If 'F' the stock will not be decremented.


Primary Key: INTCODE

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