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Rounding rules are used when proposing sell prices. A rounding rule has one header and multiple details. This table stores the detail information. The headers are stored in ROUNDRULEHDR.

Column Type Description
LINTROUNDRULE INT The code of the rounding rule header that this detail belongs to.
CTRCODE INT A unique number assigned by the system.
CURFROMDOLLAR DECIMAL(19,4) If the Base Sell Price is greater than or equal to this and less than or equal to curToDollar, this rule will be examined for further
CURTODOLLAR DECIMAL(19,4) See curFromDollar.
STRTYPE VARCHAR(1) ‘A’= Adjust cents. This will examine curFromCents and curToCents and if within the range, will adjust the cents to the value in curAmount.‘S’= Set Sell Price. This will set the sell price to the curAmount without any further checks.
CURFROMCENTS DECIMAL(19,4) If the strType = ‘A’ then the cents of the Base Sell Price is compared to this field and curToCents. If it is within the range, the cents of the Rounded Sell Price will be set to curAmount.
CURTOCENTS DECIMAL(19,4) See curFromCents.
CURAMOUNT DECIMAL(19,4) If strType = ‘A’, see curFromCents. If strType =’S’, the Rounded Sell Price will be set to this specific value.


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