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Tax Plans are used to set up tax details for the US market. They link back to a specific TAX. A single tax plan will consist of multiple TAXPLAN records linked back to the same tax code.

Column Type Description
STRTAXCODE VARCHAR(10) The tax code to which this plan links.

link.gif (858 bytes) TAX.strTaxCode

STRGUID VARCHAR(38) Unique ID to identify the record.
CURFROMRANGE DECIMAL(19,4) The from sales value to which this rate applies.
CURTORANGE DECIMAL(19,4) The to sales value to which this rate applies.
CURTAXONRANGE DECIMAL(19,4) The specific value of tax charged on this range.
CURCUMULATIVETAX DECIMAL(19,4) The total tax charged on this range plus all previous tax ranges.
YSNREPEAT VARCHAR(1) 'T' if this is a repeat range.


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