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Table Management

In a restaurant environment, we often want to Hold and Recall transaction for specific table numbers. This makes it easy for the staff to manage each of the open bills, as well as making it simple for kitchen staff to carry out orders. BE comprises of a concept call ‘Easy Tables’, which is simply a list of buttons, colour coded, which represent each table. Depending on the colour of the button, the operator is able to ascertain as to whether the table is vacant, in use or needs cleaning (the colours are configurable). Each location can be defined with a list of Easy Tables, as not all Locations will have the same number of tables. Below shows how we define the Easy Tables for a Location through the Location application.

When using Easy Tables, the operator will be presented with the list of tables upon logging in to the POS. In order to start a new transaction, they would select an available table. In the top left of the screen, we can now see the table number assigned to the transaction. The operator can then add Items to the transaction and place the transaction on Hold. Should the operator need to recall the transaction, they simply log on to the Till and then select the Table previously assigned to the transaction. The system will recall the transaction automatically and the transaction can be modified or paid off.

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