Table Tracking

It is possible to assign a transaction to a table, which represents the physical table actually in the restaurant. Once a transaction has been assigned to a table, it is possible to keep adding items to the sale and then hold the transaction to that table until at which point the customers are ready to pay.

The system can be configured to automatically ask for the table number each time a new sale is started or present the user with a list of 'Easy tables' on the screen. Easy tables are a graphical representation of the tables situated within the restaurant. They are shown to the user in different colours:

- White = table cleaned and available

- Red = table in use

- Yellow = bill printed and awaiting payment

- Green = table available but dirty

Tables already started are automatically recalled when the table number is entered (only if the 'Check Table Exists' option in Profiles - Settings 2 within Till maintenance is switched on).

At any time during the sale, you can change the table number by pressing the Table button. If you try to change to a table number that already exists, you are asked if you want to merge the tables. In this case the two transactions are merged together to become one transaction.

If a sale is moved from table A to table B, table A is marked as unclean.

Depending on configuration, you may be able to see tables at all locations or view tables in selected locations only.

It is also possible to print a bill for the table that simply creates a receipt for the customer to check, but places the sale back on hold and does not complete the transaction. When the customer receives the bill they would then pay off the sale using a normal payment method for example Credit Card, Cash.

If you have multiple POS in one location and you use Easy Tables, you can set the system up so that the Easy Table details are refreshed at regular intervals. This allows you to see when a table has been marked as clean from other POS.

If a table transaction has not been recalled for a period of time, it can be marked as inactive on the Easy Table buttons. An inactive table has *** next to the table number. The inactive time interval is set on the Inactive Time option in  Profiles - Settings 2 in Till.

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