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Tender - Comments

This tab allows you to set up a pre-set list of questions that can be asked during the selection of the tender. In order to use this functionality, two settings need to be configured within the DynaPos Options 2 tab:

1) The check box titled Do you want to ask for further details, e.g. cheque number or credit card number? must be selected before the tender comments can be used. If no tender comments have been set-up, the system assumes the single line question is being used.

2) For the information to appear on the receipt the check box Do you want to print these details on the receipt? must be selected.

Figure: Example Tenders Screen


A unique number to identify the comments code.


A description for the comments code.

Ask Comment?

If checked on, the till will also prompt the operator to key in details related to the particular description. Language support is provided so that translations are enabled if multiple languages have been added.

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