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Tender - DynaPOS Display

This tab allows you to set up details that describe how the tender will be displayed in DynaPOS.

Figure: Example Tenders Screen


A description to show on the button. This differs from the main tender description which is shown on various reports.

Image Filename

This option allows you to show a small picture (32x32 pixels) on the button for this tender. For example, you could show a picture of the actual credit card. The picture must be a windows BMP file and it must be in the DynaPOS bmps directory. You simply need to enter the name of the file, without the path, for example visa.bmp not c:\drsapps\bmps\visa.bmp.


The order in which this tender type is displayed on the DynaPOS. If the order is -1, the tender is available for internal use at POS, but not for selection by users. This can be useful for doing EFTPOS mapping.

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