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Tender - DynaPOS Options 2

This tab allows you to set further options to control how the tender should be used by DynaPOS.

Figure: Example Tenders Screen

No. Receipts Required

This will control the number of receipts printed to a receipt printer. It is generally '1', however for some tenders, such as account sales, you may require additional receipts. You can have the customer sign one for verification and place this in the cash drawer for reconciliation purposes.


If this option is checked on then when you use this tender, the receipt will be printed with room for a customer signature. See How Do I Capture Signatures On Receipts?

Further Details

For some tenders you might require further information. For example, for a cheque tender you might require the cheque number. If this is option is checked on then when the tender is used on DynaPOSTouch, the system allows you to enter a comment for the tender.

Minimum Amount

This is used in conjunction with the Further Details option. The additional details will only be asked for if the tendered amount is greater than this amount.


If the previous option to ask for extra details is checked on, you can specify an optional message here. This message is displayed when DynaPOSTouch asks for the extra details. If a message is not specified, DynaPOSTouch displays a generic message 'Enter tender comment'.

Print Details

Indicates if the extra details entered for the tender should be printed on the receipt.


For Taiwan Only. Indicates if the tender is taxable and prints out on the receipt printer accordingly.

Cash Receipts

For South Korea Only. Indicates if the tender is included for cash receipts.


Indicates if a confirmation message should be shown when this tender is selected.


If the previous option to show a confirmation message is checked on, you can specify the message here.

Blue Tax Card

For Korea Only. If checked on and the tender is selected at POS and the POS has an EFTPOS Korea VAN till device, a prompt is displayed on POS to start the Blue Tax Card Processing on the EFT Device.

Gift Card Type

For use with Electronic Gift Cards. This field specifies what type of Gift Card the tender is for, and has four options: None (the default), Barclays Gift Card, Givex and Givex Points.

Currency prompt

Determines if the tender will prompt for selection of the currency at the POS - either primary or secondary currency when using the voucher tender.

Voucher Type

Specifies a particular tender is a SUV tender. This option triggers the special processing.

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