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Till Control

This task allows monitoring of tills whether they are on/offline, or to reboot/reload tills from headoffice and so on or to notify the till of impending upgrades. It can also be used to monitor Merchant Local Server. More than one instance of till control can be run at a time to allow till control to be run as an EOD job, even if the user has Till Control open on their screen.

It displays active (licensed) tills by location but the type of tills shown are filtered. If you click on an icon shown at the top of the screen, it will be greyed out and any matching tills will be removed from the grid.

These are the tills that have either been closed for trading or are shutdown.

These are the tills that are trading without problems.

Tills with a minor problem.

Tills with problems that need to be investigated.

Tills with major problems.

Select a till and when you send the action (reload, and so on) it will ask if its for just the till or the whole location. The actions the system takes are logged to the audit area (which can be examined with View Audit).

Using this program we can also automate the reloading of tills overnight. We do this by passing parameters to the program like this:

c:\drsapps\MerchantPos.exe TILLCONTROL RELOAD [Location] [Till]

The command RELOAD is telling the program what task to perform. We can then optionally pass it a parameter of a specific location for example BAR1 or a group of locations for example ALL. In addition to this we also specify a specific till for example TILL1, if we have specified a specific location for example BAR1.

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