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Till Declarations

The Till Declaration is part of the cash management cycle. It is used after Z-Reads have been done to enter the amount of money counted in the cash drawer. If POS detects that the MCS is not available, offline declarations are available but it does not match the declaration against a z-read which means it cannot show any variances. Once the details are saved, POS will keep the transaction ready to send up when the MCS comes back online. When the declaration transaction is sent to the MCS, the MCS will match the transaction against the oldest outstanding z-read. If no z-reads are available an error will be logged to the Audit.

A Till Variance Report can be printed to find variances between the expected and actual amounts. Once the money has been satisfactorily counted, till declarations can be accepted.

Once accepted, it is possible to view the variances for each Till or User by running the Till Variance History Report.

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