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The TILLSTATUS table tracks information about tills. There are two types of information tracked. Firstly, the current status of the till - whether it is turned on, trading, closed, and so on. Secondly it tracks last known time for certain events and config details for tills, for example last time a reload was done, last time a sale was sent, the current version of DynaPOSTouch.exe, and so on.


The intStatus field determines the historical purpose of the record.


Every time the status of the POS is changed, for example opened, trading, locked, etc, it will write a record with an intStatus of '0'. These records will continue to grow.


The current status of the POS, for example opened, trading, locked, and so on. Where intStatus of 0, tracks each change of status, intStatus of 1 tracks the last status only. You can always look up an intStatus=1 to find the current status of the till.


This type is used for recording the last known times and configuration information. There will be one record with intStatus '2' for each till/ strStatus (see below). This works as a 'last known instance'. If you look up a record for intStatus=2 and strStatus='RECV', this will tell you the last time the POS contacted MCS for messages.


The strStatus indicates the actual status of the till. Some of the codes indicate the current trading status. Others are used to indicate a specific piece of information, for example current DynaPOSTouch version.


The DynaPOSTouch.exe program has been closed.


A Z-Read has been done. Either a start of shift will need to be done or some one needs to log in to start trading.


The POS is currently locked.


The DynaPOSTouch.exe has been started. No one has logged in yet.


The POS is waiting for a start of shift float to be performed.


An operator has logged in and is trading.

These status codes are used with intStatus of 2 to indicate a specific piece of information, for example time of last reload, current software version number, and so on.


When the POS last did a configuration reload.


Indicates if the POS is connected to MerchantLocalService or not. The strStatusExt will be 'F' if not connected, 'T' if connected. This is updated when the POS does a reload.


The version of the current POS. The actual version number is stored in strStatusExt. This is updated when the POS does a reload.


The last time that POS contacted MCS for any messages (such as item updates, new users, etc).


When the POS last did a full item reload.


Last time that a transaction was sent from POS to the server. Is used to determined the last time a transaction was received.

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