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Trading Statistics Batch Mode

The Trading Statistics is usually an interactive program, that is the program is started and the user manipulates the queries as required. However, it can also be used in a batch mode. This provides the following capabilities. Firstly, a query can be run as part of end of day processing so that a statistical report is generated. In this instance, the user never sees the results of the query interactively, only via the report. Secondly, the query can be run from a menu. You could set up a set of menu options for commonly run queries, for example Last Weeks Sales By Department. The user simply selects the menu option and the Trading Statistics automatically runs the query and shows the results to the user interactively. When the user has finished, they close the program and return to the menu from where another query could be selected.

To run a query in batch mode, you must first set up the query interactively and then save it. You then simply specific the query code as part of the command-line required to run the program, for example

    merchantstats.exe TRADSTAT QRY1

When the query is being saved, you will be asked whether or not to generate a report. If you want to run the query as part of the end of day processing then you need to check this option on. This will force the Trading Statistics to generate a report and close immediately. This allows the next scheduled job to be run. If you want to run the query from a menu then you will most likely want the results to be displayed until the user is finished. In this case you would check the option off.

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