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Trading Statistics Request - Compare To

Comparisons can be made to budget, last year, other locations or time frames.


This is the default option when the comparison details are first shown. It should be changed to one of the options below.


Instead of using actual details, the system will use the budget information for the same selection criteria as the main query.

Last Year

The system simply takes the period range for the statistics query and modifies the periods to be for the previous year.

Other Location

You can select a single location or a location group. A Location Search can be performed to find a specific location.

Other Period

This will default to the current week. A From and To period can be selected. There is a button available for the From Period. If you click this, a form will be displayed allowing you to select the type of period you are interested in. The system will then automatically fill in the From and To periods.

Other Date Range

This will only be available if you record daily statistics. If you select this option, you can enter a from and to date range.

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