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Transfer Request - Basic

This function will allow you to create a Transfer Request to ask another location to send stock to this location.

Figure: Example Transfer Request Screen

Request Store Location

This is the code of the location which is requesting the stock. If you don't know the code, click the button to search for it. If the Use Management Areas on Transfers in System Settings is checked on, the Location Search is filtered based on the Management Area. Once you have entered some items in the transfer, you cannot change this location.

Transfer From Location

This is the code of the location that we want the stock transferred from. This request will be sent to this store. That store will then send the stock back to us. If you don't know the code, click the button to search for it. Once you have marked the transfer as 'Sent', you cannot change this location.

Special Instructions To Sender

These are special instructions to the location to which the request is being made, for example 'warehouse is closed from 3.00PM'. A default instruction can be recorded on the Special Messages tab within Locations. A different message can be set up for each location. This default instruction will be displayed for each new request. You can keep the instructions or change them as required.

Sender's Special Instructions

These are the special instructions entered by the sending location. They will be updated when the Transfer Send is updated.


A general comment about the transfer request. This is simply used for your own notation. For example, 'do a special check for damage when goods come in'.


The status of the current transfer request. The system will update the status automatically as you create, and prepare the transfer request. The status codes are:


Indicates a transfer request has been created but not yet printed.


The transfer request has been printed but not sent.


The Send button has been clicked and the transfer request has been sent to the location.

In Transit

The stock is in transit from the sending location.

Part Recv

Indicates only some items have been received and that there is still some stock to arrive.


The Accept button has been clicked to indicates that the stock for this transfer has been received.


The user who created the transfer request, and the date when the transfer request was created. This is set automatically by the system.

Authorised By

The code of the user who authorised the transaction when it was accepted.

Transfer Send #

The number of the Transfer Send transaction the system created for this Transfer Request.

There are buttons at the top of the window to control the transaction. Special buttons include:

Press this button to display the Available Items window which will show the items available to order for the current supplier.

If you want to use an Inventory Template to create items for this transaction, press this button to select the required template.

This button is pressed to print the Transfer Request Report.

When the original request is entered, this button is pressed to send the request. The system will create a Transfer Send transaction for the Transfer From location.

When the stock is received, the original request transaction is retrieved and the quantities received entered against each item. This button is pressed to show the stock was received.

If a transfer request is sent, this button can be pressed to cancel the request. Once the stock is in transit, the transfer cannot be cancelled.

Press this button to import items from. See Importing Data for further details.

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