Upgrading Alerts Engine

If you already have a copy of the Alerts Engine installed on your system you should be a little careful when upgrading. This is because the tomcat server will jump in and start updating the webapps folders as soon as a new WAR file is detected.

When the Alerts Engine is upgraded it will be deployed as an updated WAR file and possibly with new SQL scripts.

  1. Stop tomcat – to prevent it unzipping the WAR file too soon.

  2. Take a copy of the alertEngine.properties file from the installed folder – to preserve your settings.

  3. If you changed any other properties files – to change the displayed text on screens – take back up copies of these files too.

  4. Copy the new WAR file into your webapps folder. 

  5. You can delete the AlertEngine folder – ensures tomcat unzips the WAR file as quickly as possible.

  6. Restart tomcat to get the new WAR file unzipped.

  7. Stop tomcat and update the properties file(s) from your backed up versions.

  8. Restart tomcat to pick up the new properties.

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