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Use Moneybelts

Generally, a POS will only have one cash drawer connected to it. However, you can use moneybelts carried by a server and used for terraces, patios and so on.

If you want to use money belts you need to check on the Ask Operator Cash Drawer and Ask Operator Money Belt options in the Profile - Settings 1 tab in Till. When an operator logs on, the POS will display the cash drawers and a Moneybelt option. If the user selects Moneybelt, the POS will never try to open a cash drawer for the user.

When a user selects a moneybelt, the POS will communicate this to other POS (provided the Allow Back Office Support option in Till is checked on).

If a user has selected moneybelt then when they log on to another POS, the POS will not ask that operator for a money belt or cashdrawer selection because it already knows the user has a moneybelt.

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