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User Maintenance

An authorised user can add / edit / delete user details to allow access to the Alerts Engine as required.

Figure: List of Defined Users Screen

The display name is the user ID that the person will use to log in. 

The Portal ID is the default portal that will be shown when the user logs into the Alerts Engine. For users such as the portal manager or administrator, this value should not be set so that the user can manage the portals as desired and view all the available portals.

Add/Edit User

If you edit an existing user or add a new one the user maintenance screen is shown.

Figure: User Maintenance Screen

The display name must be a unique value – otherwise the entry cannot be saved.

The display name, first name, last name and password fields are required.

The default type of user is Viewer – the lowest security value.

Unauthorised User

If a user tries to log in to a page for which they are not authorised they are shown a screen with the error message. They will also be shown buttons enabling them to log off or to manage their own account.

Figure: Unauthorised User

Managing Your Account

A user without authority to manage user details can change their own account details – user ID, password, name, phone number etc. 
They are not allowed to change the portal number nor their user type.

Figure: Managing Your Account Details

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