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Users and Reports


Each user is assigned to a location code. This is the primary location with which the user is associated. It allows the system to be able to show that user information related to the location. Most users will be associated with a store or warehouse location. However, some users work in the head office. In this case, you should set up a HEAD OFFICE location (with a location type of 'Admin' instead of 'Store'). The users can then be linked to that location.

Some users might work across many locations, for example an area manager. In this case, the user is still associated with a primary location. However, they can use the Options| Change Location menu option on the main menu, to change their location code. This will temporarily change the user's location so that they now see information related to that location. Even though they may now have a different location code, management areas are still used to restrict what locations can be seen.


When a report is generated, the system needs to be able to record the report so that other users are also able to see it. It uses location codes for this. Each location has a Report Location associated with it (set up in the Locations). By default this is simply the main location code itself, but it can be a group. The system knows the user who is logged in, therefore it knows the user's location, therefore it knows the report location. The user will be able to see any report for that report location. So if two locations have the same report location, the user will be able to see reports for both of those locations. This allows several related locations to share their reports.

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