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Users - Job/Roster

This tab allows you to indicate when the user can work and what job functions they can perform.

Figure: Example Users Screen

Payroll Code

The user's payroll code.

Available Days

These are the days that the user is available to work. By default, all days will be checked on.


This is a comment regarding the user for the purposes of rostering, for example needs supervision, cannot work evenings, and so on.

Unavailable Times

This grid lists the dates that a user is not available to work, for example holidays.

From Date

The first date the user is not available to work.

To Date

The last date the user is not available to work.


A comment about why the user is not available.

User Job Types

This grid shows the job functions that a user is allowed to perform. A user can perform more than one job function.

Job Type

The code of the job function the user is allowed to perform. See Job Types for details on how to define these codes.

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