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Users - Security

The Security tab allows you to set up security details for the user.

Note: To be able to change their own security settings, a user must have Add access on the securable control - ‘Grid – User Own Security Details’ under Settings/Security.

Figure: Example Users Screen

Management Area

This is the management area that a user is assigned to. Management areas are used to control what locations, departments and classifications the user has access to. If a user is not assigned to a management area, they will be able to see all locations, departments and classifications if the Management Area is Mandatory setting in System Settings is not checked on (default setting). If this option is checked on, all users must be assigned a management area.

Load Costs In POS

If you make cost information available to salespeople at the POS, you may find the salespeople sell the product at a price just above cost, minimising the profit of the sale. You can increase or 'load' the cost visible to the salespeople so the cost appears higher than it really is. If this option is checked on, this user will see these loaded costs. If the option is checked off, the user will see the normal cost details.

See Loading Costs for more information.

Security Groups

This grid lists the security groups that a user is in. A user can be in more than one security group.

Security Group

The security group the user is in.


The date the user started being in this security group. If this is empty, the security group is effective immediately.


The date the user stops being in this security group. If this is empty, the user is in the security group forever.

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