View Audit

This is a general utility for viewing entries in the audit file. Entries are made by various programs at certain points of their execution. These include the fact that a program started and any errors which may have occurred (especially in processes set up to run from the Schedule Processor). The utility should especially be run after the Schedule Processor to check for any possible errors.

The grid shows audit records that match the specified criteria.

These audit records can be sorted by clicking on the required column heading. If you double click the Description column of a record, the full description is displayed in a pop up window.

The top part of the screen allows control over the audit records displayed. The Show Messages section contains a check box for each type of audit record (as described above). Only record types that are checked on are displayed.

The Audit Date provides a starting point for the audit records. Any records created after this date are displayed. When the task is first started, all audit details for today's date are shown.

Once the required criteria has been entered, the Show Audit button needs to be pressed to update the displayed list.

On the right side of the screen is an area used by some error messages. It will contain full details of the error, exactly where it occurred in the program, and so on. This can be used by support to find why an error occurred and to fix bugs.

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