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Where Are Rebates Entered?

There are two areas where a rebate can be entered.

Rebates can be specified in Merchant Central at an item level or at a supplier level. If you specify a rebate as a percentage it will be the percentage of the Invoice Cost excluding GST.

Specifying the term at the supplier level means that you can enter a single term, which will effect multiple items. This is obviously quicker than specifying it against each individual item. As this is a rebate, Income Type must be entered as a Claim.

This area enables you to enter terms that are specific to an item. Income Type must be entered as Claim. If the item term and description type are the same as its supplier, then the item term will override the supplier term.

There is one other type of rebate which can be entered. These are rebates which are paid to a store by head office and have nothing to do with the store/supplier relationship. Set up a supplier to represent the head office. Enter the rebates against this supplier or against each item, nominating this supplier as the rebate supplier. Enter this head office supplier code in to the Head Office Rebate Supplier option on the System tab of System Settings. When the rebates are claimed, the system will calculate rebates for the original supplier of the item, as well as these head office item rebates.

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