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Where Do I Get The Programs From?

Go to the website (www.torexconnect.com), log in and go to the Software menu option. Select the Download Programs link.

Select the Go to ftp server link to redirect you to the ftp site where the files can be downloaded.

The ftp server contains a directory for each version. Within each version directory you will see sub-directories for new versions and upgrades.

You can download the files from SYSTEM-INSTALLER. This contains a self-contained installation program that will provide a full install program (note that SQL Server must be pre-installed) and install the required programs.

If you are doing an upgrade you can go to the SYSTEM-UPGRADE directory, select the version required, where you can download the programs and the SQL commands required to update the database.

You will need to install your database before installing BE. The SQLExpress directory contains the files required to do an SQL Server Express installation.

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