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X-reads and Z-reads are retail terms that apply to the till reading and till resetting for shift end purposes. They perform similar tasks as they both report the amount of money in a till or taken by a user however, it is possible to perform an X-read at any time of the day, to check for till takings, discounts applied and customers served and so on.

A Z-read is only performed at the end of trading or the end of a shift prior to a till declaration, and formally ends trading periods for the purpose of auditing trails and so on., and resets the till ready for the next trading day or shift.

The term declaration relates to formally counting the takings and monies in the till cash drawer and declaring back to the system the exact physical count. This procedure happens after a Z-read has been performed, at the end of the day, or at the end of each shift.

You can control which tenders are displayed on the declarations and how the amounts are entered by the options on the tenders screen.

The variance between the declaration by the staff, as to the value of physical takings in the cash drawer, and that which the system has calculated that should be in the cash drawer, based on products and services sold through scanning or key entering at the till.

The reports show the transaction details for each till and each report is divided into three sections –

The Till Reads (both X and Z) can generate additional reports to the standard till read. These include:

Till Department Sales 

The total sales for each department. 

Till Operator Sales 

The total sales for each operator. 

Till Returns 

The details for each return made in the sale. 

Till Tender List 

The details of individual tendered amounts. Only specified tenders are listed. 

Non-Revenue Sales 

The details of gift certificates and other non-revenue items sold. 

Items Sold Report 

The details of individual items sold. 

Items Sold Summary Report 

The details of items sold. Unlike the Items Sold Report, the item is shown only once with the total quantity sold. 

Different combinations of reports can be generated for the X and Z-Reads.

When an X-Read is done, a preview of the till read is displayed for checking: Z-Reads do not do this.

Report Parameters

Location: The location to generate the till reads for. If this is left empty, all locations are reported. If you are using management areas, you must enter a location code.

Till: The till within the location to generate the till reads for. Either all tills within the selected location are printed separately or all tills in a location are reported as a single till.

Trading Date: The trading date (defaults to the current trading date) that this till read is being generated for. This is used for statistical reporting.

The reads can be printed to a receipt printer in a special condensed format to fit on the paper roll. Otherwise, all details are printed on A4 paper in Portrait mode to the default system printer. Even if the till read is printed to the receipt printer, it is still available as an A4 report in Report Manager.

Sample Report



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